Clean Stoves 

Since 1997 we have been testing our solar cookers. With lots of sunshine, the use of solar cookers is for many people a blessing. But all those years there was still one major question: "But when it's raining, what do we do?" The main answer was to encourage people to return to their old way of cooking, but it never satisfied them and us. 


In 2007, during an exhibition in Nepal they showed several clean cookstoves. We talked with some people about their benefits. Was this the answer to the above question and a good alternative? After several years of researching and asking around, finally in 2011, we came up with our own model. It worked so well, that local farmers near Hue city (Vietnam) became very interested. In November 2012 we supplied them with 170 clean cooking stoves and they were very excited. A great alternative when there is no sun!


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Clean Cooking Stoves for Vietnamese farmers
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Benefits of a Vietnamese Clean Cookstove
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