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 Newsletter No.11 July 2006

 Dear friends,

 If you catch the excitement of using and building solar cookers, your life will be changed. It is a challenge to find creative ways to build new solar cookers. In the past we have made our own designs and now we are trying to improve these models. With the help of the Internet, we are also able to get more information for our project. One man told us, after opening our web site, that he had no idea so many people in the world were involved in building solar cookers and in so many countries. May-be you get the impression that we are only helping the people with solar cookers, but throughout the project we are also involved in many other needs. Therefore, remember our staff, when they put all their energy and enthusiasm into the lives of many people.

Cover for parabol cookers

11-1There are many war invalids in Vietnam. You see them often riding around in their wheelchairs. They have made a very simple cover at the back of their wheelchairs for sunshine protection. We took this idea and attached this simple flat parasol at the back of the parabol cooker. Many people in Vietnam do not like to stand in the sun. If a couple comes to our information room, the husband is usually very excited, but his wife is always hesitated. When we express her thoughts (afraid for sunshine), she mostly smiles. Our purpose is to take away these hesitations, so we attached a parasol at the back of the parabol. Mister Can is one of our parasol designers (see picture). (Note: There is no need for a parasol cover when you use a box cooker)

More ideas

11-2 On the Internet we found an example of a parabolic cooker used as a solar still. We took this idea and guided the steam of boiling water through a connected pipe into a glass container under the cooker. We did this in front of our information room, so we had always people watching and giving us their commends. Our neighbour saw the (para)still and gave us some good ideas. It improved, but the results were not suf-ficient (2 à 3 liters a day) for one family. So, we are still working on it. We also recei-ved two parabolic cookers from the Universe, but they were not working well. We have been rebuilding one of them as a foldable cooker. The result was that you can cook with it, but slower than a normal parabol. Till now, the sunrays are not exactly coming together in the middle of the cooker, so we need to improve it.

Environment day 2006

11-3  11-4

This year we have been working with the Raglai minority in a province south of Phan Rang. They cut trees for a living and sell this wood for cooking (see pictures) They were very hesitated to adopt our project, but after living with them, they started to be interested. One Vietnamese lady had donated ten parabols (made in our new factory) for this minority group. After a while they liked it so much that the same person donated ten other parabols. We are so thankful for her generousity and creativity in giving. We used a lot of box cookers too and trained a person for house visitations. On the International Environment day (June 5th) we organised a day of solar cooking demonstrations with all the people who had received a cooker. It was wonderful to cook and eat together. The local authorities were very pleased. See pictures:

11-3  11-4

     Environment day 2006 with the Raglai minority   Cooking in the sun with parabolic and box cookers

11-3  11-4

 A delicious curry dish cooked in the parabol cooker          Fish cooked in a box solar cooker         

11-3  11-4

               Sharing and eating the solar cooked dishes           After a wonderful day…time to go home

Many other pictures

When you receive this letter two of our Solar Serve staff are preparing to attend an International Solar Cookers conference in Spain (July 12 –16). In our next newsletter we will tell you more. We have been encouraged by people who have been visiting our new website. Since the gallery pictures have been placed on our site, we have around 20 visitors each day. Now we have to learn how to add more information. Please don’t hesitate to give your commends. We will close this letter with news from Danang and our region. Have a wonderful (solar) summer holiday!
                        Warm solar greetings,
Solar Serve team

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