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 Newsletter No.22 July 2009

 Dear friends,

 “Don’t eat that fish,” signed Mister Tuan with his hands to our deaf workers. They all worked hard to make this year’s environment day very successful. All of our workers helped and finally the highlight of the day was eating the food which was cooked during the demonstrations. They had also cooked a wonderful type of fish which was unknown by our deaf workers. Between Mr.Tuan and our workers there is a lot of teasing going on. It helped to lift up their spirits during hard times. After Mr.Tuan had signed to our deaf workers not to eat the fish, they still tried a little bit and really loved it …but it was too late. Mr.Tuan had enjoyed himself so much that little was left. We all had a good laugh!.

Summer in Danang

At night time you will find lots of people enjoying themselves on the banks of the Han River. It is so hot during the day that heat drives people out of their homes and it looks like a big family enjoying their summer camping. It is the same at the bay near the sea. People are still able to swim in it but factories have been polluting the bay. It is better to swim at the beach were local authorities have improved swimming facilities. Early in the morning and late afternoon the beaches are very crowded. During day time they are empty, because people do not want to stay for a long time in the sun.


Smiles from heaven 22-05 ’00 - 22-05 ‘09

Last month we tried to pin down the day we officially started our work with Solar Serve. We found a paper from the University which showed that on 22-05 2000 we were allowed to set up several workshops for four days in a village near Hoi An. Surprisingly on May 22nd, the day of our ninth anniversary, a national newspaper published an article about our work. They didn’t write anything about our anniversary, but the whole day we were called by people from all over the country. They were very interested in our work. Their calls were like small birthday presents from heaven. So, next year we should have a nice celebration on our 10th anniversary. We will keep you informed.

A second prize

Dr Hung called Bich in April to attend an award ceremony in Hanoi. Without knowing exactly what would happen, Bich together with Tuan left by train and took several solar cookers with him. After setting up a solar cookers display at the Opera House in Hanoi at day time, he was invited to attend the Award Ceremony of Creative Technology and Science in the evening. Several government leaders and high-ranking officials attended the ceremony and the whole program was shown on national television. Not only Dr Hung of the University but also Bich was awarded with a second prize for their creativity in technology and science. After nine years of hard work it was a great accomplishment. A few days later he returned to Danang and celebrated this award with all of his staff and workers.


World Environment day in Quang Tri

Newspapers predicted a cloudy day in Quang Tri, a poor province north of Hue city, but they were wrong. When we started to cook with our solar cookers the sun was bright. Everyone became very excited. Under an open sky we were able to cook the most wonderful food of this region. Local authorities and scientists were invited. They could see and also taste that their effort to establish this kind of solar technology in their province worked. Local television covered the whole event.


Cloudy sky in Hoa Quy

We also supplied more solar cookers to a village near our center. This village really became a model in using solar cookers. You would be surprised to see all the solar cookers being used when you drive through this village. Because of the World Environment day we decided to supply more solar cookers. The weather was very cloudy and it required some faith and courage to set up the solar cookers. Food was bought at the market. At the moment a film crew arrived, the sun broke through the clouds and shone during the whole cooking time. The film makers were able to make a whole report. When the demonstrations were finished we drove back to our center again under a cloudy sky.



Thanh, one of workers, left in March for a short training school. It will build up his ability to cope with life, people and circumstances. This life changing course will be finished in August.
• We are not only working with deaf people, but we are also getting support from deaf people living overseas. An older deaf couple from Holland celebrated their 50 anniversary. They decided to send their anniversary gift in order to support the deaf in Danang.  
A special documentary was made of our deaf workers during their work in our center. It was broadcast on national television at the end of June.
During our Solar Serve history we have made and supported mostly poor people with 1675 solar cookers. Today they are also available for sale to local people and for export. Open our pdf files Parabolic cooker or Box cooker
• We received lots of visitors the last few months, which was really encouraging.
There are many other stories to tell, but for now we leave you with the above stories and information. Please drop us a note if you have time and keep your solar light shining.
Warm solar greetings from Danang,
Solar Serve team

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