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 Newsletter No.27 Oct. 2010

 Dear friends,

 We are excited to be in touch with you again. We have lots of things to tell. We held celebrations of our tenth anniversary and opened a new floor at our center. We were also able to display our project and products at an exhibition and later at a local government meeting. And further more our staff installed several solar water heaters on the roof of a school and a hotel and they are also researching the use of wind power. During this time several reports were made by local newspapers and a TV station. Please read it for yourself as we take you into our solar and wind power world.

Still a new concept

1We were invited by the department of Trade & Industry to join anexhibition in Quy Nhon, a city 320 km south ofDanang. A few other enterprises from Danang, who are also making energy saving products, were invited. The exhibition was a success. Many people visited our stand and were interested in what we were doing. The concept of solar cookers and using solar energy was still new for them. We were able to show the solar cookers in the open air and cooked with them. Our staff were so encouraged that they stayed one day longer.

Hot water for disabled children

A new school was built for disabled children near the beach. The director asked us if we could help her to supply and install 6 solar water heaters. The heaters we sell are made in Hanoi with German technology. Water can reach a high temperature by means of a new system where tubes are filled with oil. Because the tank is specially insulated, hot water can be stored and used for later times. We were all amazed by the results after we installed the heaers. A local TV station took several shots and made a short program in our center.

Using their talents

43At the moment we are very happy with our workers. After Trung decided to come back and work with us again, Vu also asked if he could return. For us it is also important that they are encouraged by their family. Sometimes we have to turn down new workers if this is not clear; a common rule in Vietnam. Not all the workers are talented at building solar cookers. We found out that Vu, our youngest worker, loves to clean and cook. We needed help with this after we built the third floor. It is great to see Vu using his talent in a different way. He loves it!

No bribes for extension

Bich had forgotten to extend his driver's license. He was required to answer 400 questions during a test. Most people fail and lose their license. When he was on his way to his village he met (to his surprise) the landlord of Hans in a local bus. When he told his story, the landlord started to phone and mentioned a name. After a few days he did the test, but failed without pardon. But when he mentioned the name told by the landlord, the atmosphere changed and in a very short time he stood outside the building with an extension in his hand.

Wind generators


In 1996 during the international solar cooking conference in Spain, a man from India was showing his wind generator beside our stand. We did not pay so much attention to it, but now after four years we are also excited about using wind power for free energy. After careful research on the internet we bought a small generator and attached three handmade wings to it. It turned slowly but after some adjustment we got the right speed. Now we are still testing and changing the turbine in order to produce the power we need for helping households. We are very excited about it.

The final touch before the opening

78After building the third floor, we asked a local carpenter to build 10 wooden bunk beds for the small bedrooms. Also a framework for our living room was constructed by a few other carpenters. We were not able to build the walls with stone because of their weight. A wooden wall was the only alternative. Building the living room is still in process and will be sponsored by some of our solar friends. After we set up the bunk beds, Bich and his family moved to the third floor. After that we could rearrange the second floor in order to prepare ourselves for the grand opening.

10th Year Celebration

On August 28 we invited friends and sponsors to join us at our 10th anniversary celebration. We felt that we should hold a joyful gathering in one of the hotels in the middle of Danang. Not only guests from all over Vietnam joined us but also several sponsors and friends from overseas. It was a time of amazement and thankfulness for what has been accomplished in all those years. It inspired the 100 guests when they heard that everything was possible. At the end one of our foreign sponsors shared some encouraging words to keep on doing the good work.

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Opening the third floor

We drove with several buses to the center for the opening ceremony of the third floor. Two foreigners, who were representatives of the many sponsors, were honored to cut the ribbon. It was graciously done with the help of several deaf people and the daughter of Bich. Loud applause followed and the third floor was officially opened. People loved the new space. They told this during a special meal which was served We were very thank- ful for the past ten years and being able to open a new floor in order to do our work for the coming ten years.

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That is all for now. Please stay excited and stand with us in the coming years. We cannot do it alone!!
Greetings with lots of Wind and Sunshine,
Solar Serve team

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