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 Newsletter No.03 Apr. 2004

 Dear friends,

 Spring 2004 has been already in Vietnam since the end of January, when the new year started. For us, as Solar Serve, it is a time to serve the nation with the Sun again.


The best time of the year

This year we are working in several places in Quang Nam province. In one place we had to rent a house for our staff. After the contract was signed, the owner decided to change her mind and didn’t allow the staff to live there. But everything works out for good, and after a few days the staff found a better and more comfortable house. Mrs. Ngoc took also care of a 15 year old boy who was left behind by his parents. This will be also a form of serving for us. At the small factory in Tam Ky town, Mr. Lien en Mr. Can have made six parabolic solar cookers during the last few months. They decided to make a new para-bolic solar cooker of 240 left-over pieces of inox of the normal BTL solar cookers. It worked well. A sheet of paper burns in a few minutes when it is put in the center of the cooker. We are trying to find new places for using these parabolic solar cookers.


To be available

Our workers are not only learning to serve, but they are also being available for anyone who needs help. Every week they come together for study. After that they practice what they have learned. A few weeks ago an old lady asked them to come to her house. She was very sick and needed some comfort. They took care of her and after a few days her health improved. Also some reconciliation was done between her and other relatives.

Keep in touch!

That was all for now. Please keep in touch while we are all serving in the presence of the Sun.
Solar Serve team

Called to Serve

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