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 Newsletter No.30 July 2011

 Dear friends,

 The last three months has been very important for us. It was not only the 11th anniversary of Solar Serve but we also finished some major projects in the mountains, helped to install 32 solar panels on a school in Danang and supplied a small village with parabolic cookers. We think that's a good start to make you excited to read our latest letter. Have fun!

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A few months ago they showed a 40 part new comedy drama on TV. It was about a man who researched parabolics and started to make them. His wife did not like it. All kinds of funny situations happened but finally the man was very successful and able to run a big company. Because of this comedy a man called us and ordered one of our parabolics. After he received it, he called again, and told us that many people came to see him cooking with the parabol. Great isn't it?

Two days of fun

We drove with 18 staff, friends and children for a picnic to the Elephant waterfall near Hue. Small lakes separated the fall with several picnic places on each level There were large rocks to jump off and we were able to swim. There was plenty of food, so everyone enjoyed themselves. Late afternoon we drove to a hotel in Hue and the next day we visited a border town where we could buy tax-free goods. Everybody bought something. After that we returned home happily.

Solar system for school

In May we installed the first grid-tie solar power system in Danang. All our staff were in-volved. The weather was very hot even though we started at half past five in the morning. After fixing a frame in order to protect the system from typhoons, under the supervision of two specialists, we mounted 32 solar panels on the frames and wired it with cables to the inverter. After 4 days the job was done and everything could be connected. The first results were positive with an output of 260 volt. The staff of the school were very grateful. The system will be a role model for the region.

Dancing and screaming

We made a YouTube video clip after the deaf workers finished their first parabolic cooker with a diameter of 1.50 m. They danced for joy after a piece of thick carton started to burn in a few seconds. It gave a lot of satisfaction and self worth. Later a big pan was used and water started to boil soon when the 15 year old Thang brought his schoolmates for an excursion to the center. They were all excited and instead of dancing, they screamed loud after seeing the cookers.

New parabolic village

We provided a restaurant in Hoi An with one parabolic solar cooker. Immediately it caught the attention of the neighbors and tourists. Near this restaurant on Cam Nam Island, we decided on World Environment day (June 5th) to help several families with new parabolic cookers. All of them were very happy and now a small solar village with 20 cookers has been established. We hope this will really benefit more families.

Solar villages in the make

A tourist agency in the south is seriously thinking about establishing several solar villages. They asked us if we could help them with solar cookers This needs to be planned very well. Several years ago we provided a small village near Marble Mountains with many solar cookers. It attracted many people and several reports were written in the newspapers. Due to government development plans this village has been removed recently.

Fast transaction

A lady near the border of Laos had heard about our work and called to ask if we could help her with several solar panels. We contacted a company in HCM city and they were able to send the solar panels immediately. After a few bank trans-actions we were able to deliver all panels in a short time. Everything was transported by road and we only needed to be at the bus station for further transport to the border. Besides manufacturing and providing solar cookers, this will be a new way of serving people with new equipment like solar heaters and panels. The small wind turbines are still under research.

Biking and walking

Four young Dutchmen decided to sponsor our work. They drove in a small van to France and took four race bicycles with them. They had never done this before but biked from Paris to Holland in a few days. The tour went smoothly although one of them fell (not badly) and another one had a flat tire. They were welcomed by 120 cheering supporters and honored with flowers, a trophy-cup and other gifts. It was very encouraging to see young people still doing this. Another man will be walking soon 4x40km every day during the Nijmeegse 4WalkDays

Workers left

Sometimes we don't understand why people leave us. Last year a report was published that al-most 30% of the workforce in Danang did not return to their jobs after the New Year's holidays. This year at least five workers left Solar Serve. Some of them told us before but others just left. This is a struggle we have to face. Contracts have no value. We felt sad because we love them and put valuable time in them to make their life better. This is not always based on salaries.

Hung's return

A few years ago Hung came to work for us. He and his wife came from the north and wanted to help the deaf community in Danang. We wanted to help Hung in accomplishing his dreams. After several successful years, the group in the north who sponsored him asked him to return. We felt very sad but we had to release Finally him. Finally he and his wife left Solar Serve on June 18th. We are very thankful for his work and life.


We commissioned one of the last solar and communication projects in one of the remote villages in the north. It was very rewarding to help these minorities in the mountains and to assist a foreign company and others from the north. We are still helping other minorities in Quang Nam province with similar projects.
We added several new video clips on YouTube. Maybe you have watched them already. If not, please click:

Solar Serve was founded on May 22nd, 11 years ago. We are very thankful for all the things we have accom- plished last year and are very happy for all your love, support and encouragement.
That is all for now. Thanks for your interest. Please keep in touch.
Solar Serve team

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