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 Newsletter No.51 April 2017

 Dear friends,

 The last two months we have been building our new research center. We’ll give you a photo update but first some other news:

 Myanmar - Vietnam

 During a social enterprise conference in Singapore one man from Myanmar became interested in our work and asked if he could send some workers to Danang so we could teach them how to make our products. Although one of his workers could not come, the man himself arrived with his family and two workers in April and we were able to teach them for one week. They are great people and eager to learn. First there was a day of teaching the principles of all instruments and after that the practical aspects and making the instruments (parabol & clean cooker) with our workers. It worked out very well!


A change of workers

Unexpectedly one of our deaf workers decided to leave Solar Serve for another job. Sometimes it is a test for us, but we cannot force a person to stay. Although we made a work contract and provided insurance, there is no guaranty that we can keep a person. We and other organizations and companies have to face this many times. But another man, Quan (30 yrs) became interested in what we were doing and applied for a job. We asked him to oversee the construction of our new building and help us in our factory. Probably it will be temporary because he has other plans in the future.


New hope and dreams for the future

Our Family Business Training staff were invited to help people in a Rescue & Drug Detox Center in Thai Binh (North-East of Vietnam). It was founded by one man who was a drug addict before and later was called to help others. He has rescued hundreds of people. Now they are strong people both spiritually and physically, but they needed hands and feet to go back to society. They heard about our Family Business training (FBT) program and they became very excited when they participated in the first seminars in March. Now they have hope and dreams for their future.


Being inspired

We are not asking any support for our programs or even for building our new center. Although we are a social enterprise, the kinds of products we make are not always profitable enough to keep us going. But in the past we had friends who wanted to support us by organizing all kinds of events. For example: There is a lady who made a slide presentation of birds during her holiday. Now she is going around showing her presentation for a small fee in order to help us. In this way we can do our work and if you are inspired, please contact us.


New construction started

It’s incredible what has been accomplished since February 13th when we began building our new research center. Last year the contractor could not start immediately, but finally the day came. Although we plan to build only one floor, we made the foundation strong enough in case we want to build more floors in the near future. Around 15 men and women are working now to make our dream real. Lots of sand, gravel, iron and stones were bought. The foundation is 14 x 17.5m and 1.70m deep and contains tons of gravel, cement and concrete iron-rods. Here is a photo report of the last two months. We hope it will inspire you!


Two small excavators started to dig about 1.70m deep for the construction of the foundation. 666
The workers constructed the wooden frame molds and filled them with gravel and layers of cement. 6
The next step was filling the molds with concrete iron bars 6
Hard work but very rewarding. Making the foundation ready to be filled with concrete cement.666
Nine beton mixer trucks were needed to fill the frame molds with the help of a modern concrete pump. 6
After one week the foundation was laid.
Not long after that the septic tank was constructed. Also the wall surrounding the foundation was built. Many visitors and neighbors showed their interest. We are all very pleased with the workers. They are eager to build more floors, but we have to keep it to one. The determination of the Vietnamese people has always been an example for many foreigners and all the neighboring countries. Here are the rest of the photos: 66
The foundation was filled up with sand, making it ready for the 24 pillars to be constructed66
The pillars were built and also the outer walls. 66
After one month the wooden molds of the ceiling were built.66
Tons of iron has been used for the ceiling. It took a while before it was ready to be filled with concrete.666
The canopy would be too heavy if it was filled with solid concrete. Blocks of foam were used to make it lighter. 666
Again we hired a truck with a concrete pump to fill the ceiling frame molds. 666
Heavy work but it was very rewarding and after three hours the job was done. 6
The sun helped it to dry but we still kept it wet so it would dry equally (in and outside).6
Here are the workers building a fence around the roof and making the roof smooth. 666
Inside the building with the wooden stilts keeping the ceiling till it is dry and the stairway to the roof. 666
After two months we are very pleased with the progress and next letter we will show you the final pictures.
That’s all for now. Have a wonderful Spring!!
Solar Serve team

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