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Many people in Vietnam still depend on coal, straw, leaves or wood for cooking. Open fires not only contribute to air pollution but also cause lung and eye diseases when people spend hours in hot and smoky kitchens. Many times this traditional cooking method forces women and children in rural areas to walk for hours to find wood for daily cooking. Although Vietnam receives 1400-2000 hrs of sunshine per year in the north and 2000-3000 hrs per year in the central and southern part, not many people take advantage of it

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Support Projects

During the last twelve years, we have supported hundreds of households with many different kinds of solar cookers for cooking food. Many people have been blessed and are now able to save fuel costs, improve their health and even save time. Because the use of solar cookers requires changes in cooking habits, therefore helpful information and even assistance has been given by our staff. Over all those years, more and more people in Vietnam have adopted solar cooking as an alternative cooking method.
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Business Projects

The parabolic cookers became very successful and are now available for sale too, even for customers outside the country. Lately, solar water heaters and solar panels were added to our business, with the first grid-tie solar systems of 32 solar panels and six water heaters installed on a school roof as a model for the region.


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New ideas and research

In our center we also research new equipment for our support and business projects. Different models of solar cookers were designed and in 2011 we built our first small wind turbine. It stores energy in a battery and lights a billboard at our center at nighttime



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